Site en construction, RDV le 20 septembre pour l’ ouverture officielle

Site en construction, RDV le 20 septembre pour l’ ouverture officielle

En attendant, vous pouvez vous inscrire sur la page Facebook du crew…

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  1. This is the perfect post and may be one that you should followed up to see how things go

    A colleague e mailed this link the other day and I’m desperately looking your next blog post. Proceed on the excellent work.

    31 août 2010 @ 10 h 21 min
  2. Uncovered your website via msn the other day and absolutely find it irresistible. Carry on the good work.

    1 septembre 2010 @ 16 h 44 min
  3. Thanks For your comments!
    RDV on the 20th september

    2 septembre 2010 @ 11 h 02 min
  4. Darrel, and pigs fly??


    24 septembre 2010 @ 11 h 36 min
  5. This is the best page that I have read all month :D

    25 septembre 2010 @ 6 h 06 min
  6. Amazon launched two new Kindle e-readers priced at $139 and $189 late Wednesday, with the cheaper version a Wi-Fi-only e-reader and $10 less than the Wi-Fi-only Nook.

    25 septembre 2010 @ 12 h 57 min
  7. The most influential topic that I have read all week!?!

    26 septembre 2010 @ 0 h 18 min
  8. I want to know exactly what James will do about that?!


    26 septembre 2010 @ 20 h 07 min
  9. Maybe the greatest post I have read all week.

    27 septembre 2010 @ 17 h 40 min
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